Bi-Fold Doors in Dorking, Redhill and Guildford | Your Questions Answered

Bi-folding doors are incredibly popular, but don’t jump on the trend without doing your research. You should find the best door option for your needs, so it’s worth looking around and asking plenty of questions. To help make this process easier for homeowners in Dorking, Guildford, Redhill and the surrounding areas, we have answered some common questions we get here at Future Windows regarding bi-fold doors.

Bi-Fold Doors | FAQs

Are bi-folding doors secure?

Absolutely! Just like standard entrance doors, they have a range of security features, such as:

What frame options are available?

Bi-folding doors come in a range of materials, including:

All options are available in different colours.

What are the different configurations?

Bi-fold doors are customisable to the size of your door opening. The door panels come in various sizes and we will work out the perfect size and number of panes for your space. You can also choose to include a traffic door and can decide whether the door opens to the left, right or both.

Do the doors open inwards or outwards?

Homeowners in the Dorking, Guildford and Redhill areas can choose which way bi-folding doors open. When deciding which way the doors should open, consider where there is most space and whether the doors will catch on the floor or ceiling.

How does a bi-fold door work?

Bi-fold doors have a number of hinged door panes which slide along a track. These panes fold, or stack, together neatly to one side when you open the door. This leaves a large, open space for free movement between the house and garden.

What is a traffic door?

A traffic door is essentially a normal door that is built into the bi-fold door. The traffic door opens and locks independently, allowing you to open it and access the garden without having to open the whole door. Many homeowners in the Dorking, Guildford and Redhill areas opt for a traffic door for its added convenience.

Do I need planning permission?

You won’t normally need planning permission to install a bi-fold door, especially if replacing an existing door. However, it’s important to check local requirements. You might need permission if you live in a conservation area or listed building.

Are bi-folding doors energy efficient?

Despite what many people think, bi-folding doors can offer excellent thermal efficiency. Double or triple glazing along with high-quality frames will minimise heat loss.

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