Bi-Fold Doors in East Grinstead, Caterham and Crawley | Bi-Fold or Sliding Doors?

When looking for a door to lead from your house to the garden, you will want something which offers an effortless transition and enhances the look of your home. Both bi-fold and sliding doors are ideal for this, with plenty of glazing to maximise natural light and make your living space feel closer to nature. But which is best for your property, needs and budget? Keep reading to find out whether sliding doors or bi-fold doors are right for your home in Caterham, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham or the surrounding areas.

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Factors to Consider

When choosing between sliding and bi-fold doors, you should consider the following:


Bi-fold and sliding doors cost a similar amount with the same configuration and materials. However, for larger openings, sliding doors can be much more expensive. This is because large glass panels cost more; bi-folding doors use multiple smaller panes whereas sliding doors use fewer, larger panes of glass.


If you want an entrance which is accessible by wheelchairs, pushchairs and people with limited mobility, you may prefer a bi-fold door. This is because bi-fold doors can be fitted flush to the floor. Sliding doors can have a low-threshold design but this is usually still 12mm tall. You could also sink the sliding door mechanism, but this will add to the cost.


You also need to consider the look you want for your home in Caterham, Crawley or East Grinstead. A bi-fold door can allow you to have a larger opening however, vertical frames break up the glass. Sliding doors have a larger area of uninterrupted glass, which can provide a clearer view.

Garden Access

Bi-fold doors can include a traffic door, which is just like a normal door. This allows you to go in and out without having to open the whole thing. Many people find this more convenient than a sliding door. In addition, a bi-fold door can open completely for uninterrupted access to the garden in warmer weather. Sliding doors only open so far.


Bi-folding doors come in various configurations and are customisable to your needs. This includes the option for them to open inwards or outwards. Sliding doors are less customisable so may be better suited to standard openings and homes in Crawley, Caterham and East Grinstead with less specific requirements.

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