Bi-Fold Doors

in Haywards Heath, Oxted and the Surrounding South East Area

Future Windows supplies and fits bi-fold doors for homeowners, landlords and even commercial clients in the Dorking, Horsham, Redhill and Reigate areas. Indeed, we cover all of Surrey and Sussex with high-end services that we believe to be unrivalled in the South East region. Bi-fold doors are revolutionary in design and a popular choice with our local customers.

This page discusses bi-fold doors, explains why they can be safely classified as the ultimate solution for any home, and looks at some of the main benefits and features in detail.

Some benefits are visually obvious. Our previously completed installations have delivered what we refer to in the trade as the elusive ‘WOW! Factor’. Sleek framework, large glass panes and innovative functionality are the mainstays of bi-fold doors. Customers in the Caterham, Crawley, East Grinstead, Godstone, Haywards Heath and Oxted areas, as well as those in the locations listed above, agree wholeheartedly.

  • Bi-fold doors have up to 90% clearance space compared to French doors, which have a clearance of around 40%
  • This clearance allows for better air circulation, and for better interaction between interior and garden space
  • Benefit from exceptional light penetration and greater ease of use when moving between each separated area
  • Bi-fold doors are secure, family-friendly and need little maintenance, wiping clean with nothing more than a cloth


Our company mounts bi-fold doors on tracks with multiple pivot points so they can fold and stack easily. A main traffic door is integrated so that the entire installation doesn’t have to be opened for everyday entry and egress. Your property remains 100% functional and easy to access. Because bi-fold doors are fitted flush with the floor, there are never any concerns about tripping on the framework with the panels open.

Additional security features can be included into the design, such as anti-bump, anti-snap and half-lock cylinders, so that the small fingers of children are never injured.

This makes our doors perfect for family homes in the Dorking, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate and South East areas.


Many of the customers we meet associate bi-fold doors with larger, more modern homes but they are suitable for homes of any size, shape and style. Larger properties benefit from extended dimensions when bi-fold doors are fitted but smaller homes gain more air, light and space after the installation. Future Windows can integrate bi-fold doors into any property, and we are able to work on new or existing builds. 

Bi-fold doors are custom manufactured so even if you have unusual dimensions to consider, we’ll be able to supply doors in bespoke sizes and guarantee you a perfect fit.


Bi-fold doors are available in a variety of materials, but we find that aluminium is the most popular choice with customers. Aluminium bi-fold doors are lightweight but also surprisingly durable. We feel that aluminium doors of any type are a great choice for the home, but the final decision will rely somewhat on the style and décor of the property that you live in.

Period homes benefit more from timber bi-fold doors. We can manufacture these with aluminium cores for added strength.

Composite bi-fold doors are an exceptional choice because the materials used in manufacture promote a traditional, stylish finish combined with high levels of durability, complete user functionality, and the benefits one expects from a product made to supersede even the best alternatives on the market.

Colours and Finishes

From Dorking, Horsham, Redhill and Reigate, to anywhere in Caterham, Crawley, East Grinstead, Godstone, Haywards Heath or Oxted, Future Windows can supply any property in the South East region with bi-fold doors in a complete range of colours and finishes. Choose from more than 200 RAL colours, including woodgrain and metal effects, for a vibrant, durable, modern and organic finish on every installation undertaken.

Our company can advise you on the most suitable colours and finishes during your initial site survey and consultation, both of which are free and provided without obligation.

Price and Value

Bi-fold doors are bespoke products so it’s impossible to provide you with an exact price without seeing your property first. The general rule of thumb is that they cost £1,000 per metre but prices can be slightly higher or lower based on the dimensions of your home and the complexity of the job. Our quotation provides a full breakdown on materials and labour.

We advise that panels are more expensive than glass panes so it’s always a good idea to opt for more glazing if you want to keep the overall cost of bi-fold doors inside a set budget. Even glass costs can vary if, say, you decide to have solar-reflective glazing fitted instead of standard glass.

Bi-fold styles work perfectly as patio doors and create a bridge between your home and the world outside.

Call Future Windows on 01293 774223 and request a free quotation for bi-fold doors at any Haywards Heath, Oxted or South East property.