UPVC and Aluminium Doors in Caterham
Comparing Windows, Doors and Conservatories

Future Windows proudly covers the Caterham area as a leading supplier and installer of double glazing. Our product range includes:

The choices we have available can lead to indecision. What do you think your new windows and doors should be made of? Which rating of glazing should you opt for? 

Which style or colour of product will best suit your property? 

Don’t panic! Future Windows is known for its high standards of customer service, partly because we provide expert advice at every opportunity to ensure all customers find the perfect product. This page addresses the question of which material you should choose for your upcoming installation.

Aluminium Windows, UPVC Windows and Conservatories

Firstly, we look at the three products which have the largest surface areas of double glazing: aluminium windows, UPVC windows and conservatories, considering:

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Customers looking for quality fixtures on a low budget should always consider UPVC windows first. While aluminium frames are worth every penny, they cost more to manufacture. The cost aspect is the main reason why you don’t see too many aluminium conservatories. The sheer amount of fixtures alone would soon elevate the cost beyond a reasonable and affordable level.

Homeowners on a budget should always opt for UPVC products.


This is a difficult category to judge, mainly because of how subjective aesthetics are. While many of our customers believe aluminium windows have a more high-end look, UPVC windows have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Some of the more modern windows from Liniar will suit period properties in the Caterham area as well as those that are a little more modern.

It will normally come down to you and your personal taste but with a conservatory, you may be more limited in your choices.

Environmental Factors

When fitted with energy-rated double glazing, both aluminium and UPVC windows are energy efficient. However, aluminium window frames do hold a slight edge in this category because they usually have better energy ratings, last for longer and can be recycled many times over should you ever want to replace them. The same goes for aluminium doors, including patio doors, French doors and bi-fold doors made from aluminium.

Because UPVC has a polymer structure, it can also undergo recycling but only up to around 10 times in total.


It’s worth considering two separate elements within this category; how tough aluminium and UPVC windows are, how resistant they are to environmental factors and accidents, and how they perform when faced with intentional force. While UPVC is strong and durable, aluminium windows are the clear winner because they are made from the strongest material.

Customers should also include a good quality of double glazing on an installation to protect their homes.

UPVC Doors, Aluminium Doors and Composite Front Doors

Your new windows wouldn’t look quite the same without a new set of doors to either match or complement them. Because we have our own factory in Horley, Future Windows can create aluminium doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, patio doors and composite front doors to customer specifications. This means we have complete control over quality and cost, and we never need to use middlemen.

Windows, doors or conservatories, this is something that very few companies in the Caterham area can do with double glazing.


Just as aluminium windows are more expensive than their UPVC counterparts, so it is that aluminium doors and composite front doors are more expensive than UPVC doors. If you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum, UPVC is a great choice for both front and back doors, and for bi-fold doors. The fact that aluminium can last longer still makes it competitive for those who insist upon it.

Again, UPVC is the best choice for conservatories too.


Most of the homeowners we speak to prefer the aesthetics offered by composite doors over their UPVC equivalents. However, just like in the above category, this is largely subjective. Front doors, patio doors, French doors and bi-folding doors have come a long way and make significant improvements to the kerb appeal of any property specially if they’re replacing timber doors.

Composite front doors are customisable so, if you want to push the limits with the colour and style, they have a slight edge.


Here, composite front doors really run away with the plaudits. They are durable by design and, when paired with quality double glazing, you’ll be doing a great job of safeguarding your home from potential intruders. With steel reinforcement, foam cores and GRP framework, composites are far more durable than aluminium or UPVC front, patio and bi-fold doors.

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