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Considering a Composite Front Door in Reigate or Surrey?

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re in the nearby Redhill or Reigate areas, living in Dorking or just over the Sussex border in Horsham. Future Windows can still supply and fit a composite front door as a modern alternative to a more traditional wood or uPVC model. All parts of Surrey and Sussex are covered by our company, which started out as far back as 1981.


Today, we’re the trusted regional choice for windows, doors and conservatories. The composite front door is a fairly recent addition to our product range but one which has become increasingly popular with homeowners in Dorking, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate and the surrounding areas. This page looks at composite doors in a little more detail.

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What is a Composite Front Door?

As the name rightly suggests, a composite front door is a product which is manufactured using a combination of different materials. These materials are carefully chosen because each of them provides unique end-user benefits which individually contribute to the strength, versatility, appearance and functionality of the finished product.


  • A composite front door has an inner uPVC frame for added strength
  • Steel around the uPVC frame helps to keep the door straight
  • Hardwood is sometimes used as a reinforcement for the frame
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam adds excellent insulation properties
  • Amazing colours and finishes are achieved with glass reinforced plastic
  • Replaceable glass panels can be integrated into any composite front door


Most composite doors have a thickness of approximately 1.70 inches (4.32cm) and they are versatile enough to be used externally for a complete range of applications.


Reason to Choose a Composite Front Door


The composite front door has become such a popular choice with Dorking, Horsham, Redhill and Reigate homeowners because it looks stylish and resists the impact of variable – and predominantly damp – weather conditions in the Surrey and Sussex areas. Composite doors are also chosen by those who want a product which is virtually 100% maintenance-free.


A composite front door will also offer wider user benefits including:


  • A strong and sturdy installation with the latest security features
  • An investment that will outlast traditional timber doors
  • No swelling or distortion during periods of extreme heat or dampness
  • A low-maintenance finish with no painting required. Just wash with water
  • Almost impossible to dent or scratch thanks to reinforced plastic veneers
  • Exceptional insulation to improve energy efficiency in the home
  • Complete choice of styles and finishes to match any home or property


From Horley to Horsham and all surrounding locations in Dorking, Redhill and Reigate, Future Window can supply a composite front door for your home in 200 attractive RAL colours and finishes. Composite doors are mainly used for the fronts of properties in Surrey and Sussex but work just as well for secondary entrances and for outbuildings.


Choose from solid colour, woodgrain or metallic effects and have a composite front door fitted which defines your personal taste but still blends in with the style of your home. The durable finish of composite doors ensure you’ll never have to spend time stripping or   painting them. A quick wash with soapy water is all that’s needed to maintain appearances.

Call Future Windows on 01293 774223 and request a free quotation for a composite front door at your Dorking, Horsham, Redhill or Reigate property.