Bi-Fold and Composite Front Doors in Crawley
Improving Property Security

For over 35 years, Future Windows has made quality Liniar products for customers across the Crawley area from our own factory in Horley. We manufacture, supply and install UPVC windows, aluminium windows, conservatories, composite front doors and bi-fold doors as well as aluminium doors, patio doors and French doors. Fitted with double glazing, not only do these products upgrade the energy efficiency and aesthetics of properties across the South East region, but they also increase their levels of security.

This page explains how our range of windows and doors, fitted by experienced installers who have been with the company for 20 years, can protect homes from break-ins and burglaries.  

This page places its attention on product security and it also explains the benefits that double glazing can offer.

Aluminium Windows

While there is a range of hardwearing materials to choose from when you replace the windows of your Crawley home, it might surprise you to learn that aluminium ranks as one of the most secure. Despite its lightweight composition, the strength and durability of aluminium makes it ideal for window and doorframes. It is a high-end option with excellent durability.

When manufacturing aluminium windows and aluminium doors for modern, period or listed buildings, with double glazing or triple glazing, Future Windows produces some of the strongest frames available to our sector but with slim profiles.

This makes aluminium windows and doors an excellent choice from both a design and security perspective. Because of its cost, aluminium isn’t always ideal for conservatories.

Bi-Fold Doors

Some homeowners in the Crawley area may think that bi-fold doors are only suitable for wardrobes or partitioning and would never consider using them in entrances. Others might feel they are less secure than sliding French doors or patio doors, but the simple truth is that they are an increasingly popular choice for rooms and conservatories that lead out to gardens.

Not only are bi-fold doors aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, but they are also much more difficult to break into than a standard set of patio doors.

This is because manufacturers like Future Windows fit bi-folding doors with the following:

The tracking module is completely hidden from view, which prevents burglars from lifting the doors out of the mechanism. As with aluminium windows, the use of double glazing or triple glazing will add an extra layer of security to your new bi-fold doors.

Our bi-folding doors come in a range of materials to complement aluminium, timber and UPVC windows.

Composite Front Doors

When it comes to protecting your Crawley home from potential intruders, the front door can really set the tone for a property’s security. Just as a door in disrepair can be an attractive target for burglars, so it is that a strong, solid entry door will make them think twice. In this regard, we think composite front doors are the ideal choice. They consist of:

Manufacturers choose the materials which make up composite front doors based on specific properties and, once we put them together at our factory, these materials produce one of the strongest and most durable doors available to our sector. 

While they may not suit conservatories or patio entrances as well as bi-fold doors, French doors or patio doors, choosing a composite product for the front of your property provides a superior level of security compared to most alternatives. Future Windows builds windows and glass panels into its composite front doors.

Double glazing provides extra protection against break-ins.

We also use Yale locks and hinges on UPVC windows, aluminium windows, conservatories, composite front doors and aluminium doors, providing our customers with a further level of safety and security.

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