Design Trends for Conservatories in Dorking

Make Double Glazing More Fashionable

Future Windows is a trusted local supplier of double glazing to Dorking homeowners. We have a factory based just a short drive away in Horley. We manufacture and fit Smart System aluminium windows and Liniar UPVC windows, two recognised and trusted names in our industry. We have complete control over our products, so we can guarantee the use of premium materials and always produce windows with excellent thermal efficiency.

Yale locks and hinges keep homes and conservatories in Dorking and the surrounding Surrey area secure.

On this page, we look at some of the most popular design trends for conservatories, and at some of the ways Future Windows can help customers to realise their interior design aspirations. If your interest is piqued and you’d like to speak to us about double glazing or conservatories, please contact us on 01293 774223 to arrange delivery of a brochure.

Lush Green Plants

Bring the outside inside by creating a “hothouse” feel for conservatories in Dorking. Add green plants in a variety of shapes and sizes. The more the better! Try indoor hanging baskets to create extra interest. The double glazing on our aluminium windows and UPVC windows has one of the highest thermal efficiency ratings and this is a key user benefit.

Double glazing keeps heat inside conservatories so that plants thrive while you save money on your energy bills.

Pink and Blue

The Pantone Institute has named Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue as the colours of choice for interior design. Consider using them as accent colours for soft furnishings, in a wallpaper design or painted onto a feature wall. Smart System aluminium windows are available in colours from the RAL palette so you can choose a light or a dark shade to suit your décor.

You can stylise your aluminium windows or UPVC windows with coloured net curtains in similar or contrasting tones.

Metallic and Mirror Effects

The “Downton Abbey Effect” means that materials inspired by the popular TV series and movie are everywhere right now, including inside many conservatories. Take a visit to the popular antique shops on West Street. Keep an eye out for beautiful copper planters, mirrored cabinets or metallic tables to enhance a period theme inside your Dorking home.

With a little flair and imagination, you can relive the more joyous parts of this excellent TV drama.

Exotic Wood

There’s so much to love about warm wood and in recent times, the trend has leant more towards exotic species. For the financially conscious Dorking homeowner, however, pine and oak are still firm favourites because it is so easy to bring the latest trends to conservatories by buying well-crafted but affordable furniture that still looks equally as good.

Pair furniture with wood-grain effect UPVC windows and double glazing without having to maintain it like the real thing.

Handmade Furnishings

The handmade look is still extremely popular so try to seek out accessories and soft furnishings that are almost unique. Try things like holiday souvenirs, sumptuous hand-knitted throws and cushions, or hand-crafted pots in unusual shapes. Conservatories are fully adaptable spaces, suitable for dining, working or relaxing, so try to make the best of them.

Dorking homeowners are sure to find somewhere to use handmade products with our range of aluminium windows and UPVC windows.

Call 01293 774223 to find out why Dorking homeowners love our aluminium windows, UPVC windows and conservatories.