Double Glazing in East Grinstead
Efficient UPVC and Aluminium Windows

In the modern age, the subject of energy efficiency is hugely important. That’s why it’s always at the front, back and centre of all our products, from our UPVC windows and aluminium windows to our bi-fold doors, aluminium doors, composite front doors, patio doors, French doors and conservatories. For many of our customers in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas, energy efficiency is something of an unfamiliar subject.

Sure, they know that double glazing is better than single glazing and that efficiency is important due to the rising cost of energy but, beyond that, it gets a bit murky.

On this page, we explain how efficient a product like double glazing is through energy ratings. These are different to Energy Performance Certificates, which allow homeowners to identify how efficient an entire property is. Energy ratings tell you how efficient aluminium windows, bi-fold doors, composite front doors and conservatories are.

Key things to note:

What is an Energy Rating?

Here, we specifically look at the window energy ratings which apply to all products we sell. UPVC windows, aluminium windows and conservatories have their own ratings, but there is a similar system in place for bi-fold doors and composite front doors. It is a colour-coded system which can sometimes be a bit confusing because there are now three separate versions operated by the British Fenestration Rating Council, the British Standards Institute and CERTASS respectively.

Each one sets out to do the same thing, but always check which one you are looking at if you’re judging by the colour alone and not the accompanying alphabetical grade.

Prospective customers in East Grinstead should remember that window energy ratings take frame materials, design, components and double glazing into account.

It is simply not enough for UPVC windows, aluminium windows or conservatories to have just a good quality of frame build to boost energy efficiency. It is also important that properly fitted double glazing contributes to overall effectiveness. A similar principle applies to the construction of bi-fold doors, French doors, patio doors, aluminium doors and composite front doors because they also contain glass.

The rating is calculated by measuring the following:

The rating usually spans from A to E/G, but the best products will boast A+ or A++ ratings. We encourage East Grinstead property owners looking to upgrade older windows to seek out higher ratings.

Why is an Energy Rating so Important?

This question equates more to why energy efficiency is so important, not just the rating. The answer is two-pronged. Both involve heat loss. Firstly, heat loss leaves a property feeling less comfortable during the winter and makes it more difficult to keep warm. This is most pronounced in conservatories, which have huge areas of glass to potentially lose heat from. A conservatory is a room addition for relaxing in, but it’s hard to do that when you are close to freezing!

Secondly, heat loss leads to blasting the heat out at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time. This increases heating bills and isn’t great for the environment.

In many cases, the increased initial investment of choosing A-rated double glazing for UPVC windows, aluminium windows, bi-fold doors, composite front doors, aluminium doors, patio doors and French doors is quickly recouped due to the significant savings you make over just a year or two. All it requires from you is a basic understanding of how energy ratings work, and that you choose a reputable supplier.

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