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French Doors in Horsham and the Dorking, Redhill and Reigate Areas

Future Windows would like to compliment you on your choice and your personal taste if you’ve been considering French doors for a property in Dorking, Horsham, Redhill, Reigate or anywhere else in the Surrey and Sussex areas. With a choice of internal and external applications, French doors are useful, elegant and at the forefront of modern home design.


We want our supply and installation services to provide you with as many benefits as possible. That’s why our French doors can be customised to the décor, layout and style of your premises. Whether you wish to improve a domestic property in Dorking, a home in Horsham or room space in Redhill or Reigate, our French doors can be the ideal solution.

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French doors give homeowners the opportunity to open up their properties (or adjoining rooms on internal installations) to the world. You may want spacious entry and egress for accessing a garden patio or a wide point of entry to bring large items of furniture or personal property into your home. French doors are perfect for both requirements. While the aesthetics of French doors are important, potential customers in Dorking, Horsham, Redhill and Reigate should never forget how functional they can be.



If you’ve invested heavily into a stylish landscaping theme, or if you live in the Surrey or Sussex countryside a want to enjoy the splendours of the world around you, French doors will create a ‘room with a view’. Even if the room space inside your Surrey or Sussex property is limited, French doors can make it feel amazingly spacious.



Even when customers in Dorking and the surrounding Horsham, Redhill and Reigate areas have to keep the doors closed, French doors will allow for exceptional light transfer into their homes. The influx of natural light can lift your mood on an otherwise cloudy day and if it’s sunny, all you have to do is open the doors to let in some fresh air.



While most homeowners have aesthetics and functionality in mind when they come to Future Windows for French doors, others will be quietly thinking about the return on investment they might make. Properties with French doors increase resale value and will often pay for themselves should a home be placed on the market in the future. Added value often seals the deal for many of our Surrey and Sussex customers.



Whether your property is in Dorking or Downside, in Horsham or Hurst Green or elsewhere in the nearby Redhill and Reigate areas, Future Windows can help you save money on utility bills because French doors are manufactured to the highest energy ratings. During winter, French doors keep the cold out and the welcome warmth in. Savings in energy can ultimately pay for a sizeable percentage of the initial installation.



More and more homeowners in Surrey and Sussex are choosing French doors to access patios, gardens, balconies, decking and other outdoor areas. It’s important to remember, however, that French doors have many interior uses. Most commonly, French doors act as a divider between separate rooms in many domestic properties.


Whatever it is that you’re looking for from an installation at your Dorking, Horsham, Redhill or Reigate property, Future Windows are here to help. Free site surveys, consultations and quotations are available without obligation. We’re suppliers and installers, not salespeople. This means you’ll never be hassled into buying French doors from our company.

Call Future Windows on 01293 774223 and request a free quotation for French doors at your Dorking, Horsham, Redhill or Reigate property.