Aluminium Windows and Composite Front Doors in Godstone

Modern Replacements

Many of our Godstone customers come to us looking to modernise their properties because they have antiquated fixtures, often timber in construction and long neglected. They might have recently invested into a property as a “fixer upper” and will finally have the time and money to update and invest. We supply a huge range of modern products, including UPVC and aluminium windows, conservatories, bi-fold doors and composite front doors, all of which help homeowners achieve their goals.

When combined with energy efficient double glazing or triple glazing, they are all fantastic long-term investments.

Here, we look at the main reasons as to why UPVC and aluminium are great replacements for timber windows and doors. Indeed, timber is rarely used in new build developments today and for good reason. If you want to discuss your needs with a friendly member of the Future Windows team, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 774223. We cover all parts of Godstone.

Our job is to help you find the perfect product.

Fading Looks

We’re not talking about our own looks here! Timber windows and doors can look charming initially but, as time goes by, they can really suffer in terms of aesthetics. We make UPVC and aluminium windows, conservatories, bi-fold doors and composite front doors at our own factory in Horley. This means we control the quality of the product and its double glazing.

With the right maintenance, which just happens to be minimal, they’ll look as good as new for many years to come.

Save Time and Money

One of the biggest drawbacks to timber is how much maintenance it needs. If it isn’t properly revarnished and finished every few years, it quickly degrades. UPVC and aluminium windows both have very few maintenance needs. Conservatories, bi-fold doors and composite front doors also need minimal maintenance. Just clean the frames and the double glazing with soapy water.

We recommend that Godstone homeowners keep a close eye on their appearance to save themselves valuable time and money.

No Rotting or Warping

Modern materials are immune to irritating issues like rotting and warping, which timber fixtures aren’t unless they receive meticulous maintenance.  All products that we supply to homeowners across the South East area, like windows, doors and conservatories, aren’t affected by these issues. This is because their materials aren’t as badly impacted by weather.

They also won’t be affected by insect infestations and will look as good as they originally did many years down the line.

Energy Efficiency

Old timber fixtures without double glazing let heat escape your property. Godstone can get chilly at certain times of the year so this isn’t ideal. When it becomes harder to heat your home, it impacts your comfort and your bills. Efficiency and the environment are at the forefront of our priorities, which wasn’t always the case when timber was much more popular.

UPVC and aluminium windows, conservatories and bi-fold doors also reduce noise for those living near busy roads.


Some products, like composite front doors, are more durable than most. This is a great benefit for two reasons. Firstly, they last a long time and are cost-effective investments. Secondly, they reduce the likelihood that an intruder breaking into a Godstone home will be successful. This is a win-win situation made even better by strengthened double glazing.

Aluminium windows, conservatories and bi-fold doors are also preferable over their previous timber equivalents.

Call 01293 774223 for durable aluminium windows, conservatories and composite front doors, supplied and fitted anywhere in the Godstone area.