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Aluminium and UPVC Windows in Horsham

Over the past 35 years, Future Windows have become renowned in the Horsham area for the quality installation of conservatories, aluminium windows and UPVC windows..


We manufacture our products at our own factory in Horley, so we have complete quality control over what goes into our products, such as double glazing with a high energy-efficiency rating and the integration of Yale locks and hinges for added security.


We are endorsed by one of the UK’s leading double glazing brands in Liniar, but we offer the personal touch of a locally-based company.


When choosing replacement windows, one of the first things Horsham homeowners have to decide on is the material for the frames. Aluminium windows and UPVC windows are modern, low maintenance options, but which is the better choice for you? Future Windows compare the benefits of these products below.

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uPVC Windows


Many people opt for UPVC windows for homes and conservatories as a default option without knowing any of the benefits. As well as insulating homes, what else can UPVC frames do for Horsham properties?



UPVC windows are usually a little cheaper than aluminium windows, so it is often the material of choice for Horsham homeowners when cost is a factor in making a purchasing decision. We are aware that buying new windows is a major investment, even when choosing a low-cost option, and we genuinely feel that Liniar UPVC windows with double glazing represent excellent value for money and the very best in quality.



UPVC windows are incredibly easy to maintain, and you won’t have to spend unnecessary amounts of time cleaning your double glazing to keep it looking as good as new. Grubby UPVC becomes sparkling again easily with a quick wipe-down using a cloth and warm water.



UPVC is a great insulating material. With their multi-chambered interiors, UPVC windows from Liniar make for highly energy-efficient homes and conservatories in Horsham, and integrated double glazing is great for keeping the cold out and the warmth in.



Aluminium Windows


Aluminium windows aren’t just for commercial buildings anymore. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are choosing to give their properties a stylish and more modern makeover with this sleek material. Most Horsham residents know that aluminium frames are designed to last, but what are the other benefits of aluminium windows?



Aluminium is a stronger material than UPVC, so aluminium windows can be slimmer in terms of profile but can support more weight. This means we are able to install reinforced security hardware, such as Yale locks and hinges, into aluminium windows and these features keep Horsham homes and conservatories more secure.



Because aluminium frames tend to be slimmer, aluminium windows have more space for double glazing which lets more light into Horsham homes and conservatories.



Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes available for aluminium windows. It won’t discolour, rust or peel, and provides a lasting and attractive appearance. Aluminium windows are available in any colour from the RAL palette to match the colour scheme and design aesthetic of your Horsham property.



Aluminium is an environmentally friendly material. It is infinitely recyclable and, when it is processed, it uses as little as 5% of the total energy required to produce frames for new aluminium windows from scratch.

Whether you require UPVC windows, aluminium windows or conservatories, Future Windows is the best choice for Horsham residents. Call 01293 774 223 for an obligation-free quote.