Aluminium and UPVC Windows in Horsham
Double Glazing for Windows, Doors and Conservatories

For close to 40 years, Future Windows has covered the Horsham area with quality installation services. We specialise in aluminium windows, UPVC windows and conservatories as well as bi-fold doors, patio doors, French doors, composite front doors and aluminium doors. Our company manufactures products at our own factory in Horley, which means we have complete control over quality and only fit double-glazed units with high energy efficiency ratings. We then integrate Yale locks and hinges for added security.

We are endorsed by one of the UK’s leading names in double glazing, Liniar, but we still offer the personal touch of a locally based company that cares for its customers.

When choosing replacement windows, one of the first things homeowners should decide on is the material for the framework. UPVC and aluminium windows are modern and low in maintenance, but which is the better choice for you?

Future Windows compares the benefits of each product below, covering the following:

UPVC Windows

Many of our customers choose UPVC windows for their homes or conservatories without knowing any of the benefits associated with them. What can UPVC do for a Horsham property that other materials, like timber, might struggle to match? What is the impact of double glazing in terms of energy efficiency, and how about things like cost, insulation and yearly maintenance?

Here’s what you need to know about UPVC doors and windows.

Low Cost

UPVC windows and doors cost less than aluminium products, and composite front doors. We are aware that new windows are a major investment, even when choosing a budget option. Future Windows genuinely feels that Liniar UPVC frames and double glazing represent excellent value for money without any compromises at all in quality.

Low Maintenance

UPVC windows are easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need to spend unnecessary amounts of time cleaning the frames or glass to keep your windows looking as good as new. UPVC frames for windows and conservatories will sparkle again with just a quick wipe of a cloth and warm water. This also makes UPVC a popular choice for French doors and patio doors.


UPVC is a great insulating material. With multi-chambered interiors, UPVC windows from Liniar make homes and conservatories much more efficient. Integrated double glazing is great for keeping the cold out during the warmer summer months and the warmth in during the winter.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows and aluminium doors aren’t just for commercial builds. More and more homeowners are choosing to give their properties a stylish and more modern makeover with this sleek material. As most Horsham residents know, aluminium frames are designed to last, but what are the other benefits of having aluminium window frames fitted, and what are the advantages over UPVC?

Here’s everything you need to know about aluminium bi-fold doors, entrance doors and windows:


Aluminium is stronger than UPVC. Aluminium frames have slimmer profiles, but they can support more weight. This means we can fit reinforced security hardware, like Yale locks and hinges, into our windows and conservatories. Yale locks keep properties more secure than standard locks.

Larger Glass Area

Because aluminium frames are slim, there is more space for double glazing, and this lets more light into homes and conservatories. This has added benefits in keeping properties warmer during the winter. The layer of gas between the panes keeps them cooler in the summer.

Lasting Colour

Powder coating is easily one of the most durable finishes available for aluminium windows and doors. It won’t discolour, rust or peel, and it provides a lasting, attractive appearance. Aluminium frames come in all colours from the RAL palette to match the aesthetics of your Horsham property.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is an environmentally friendly material. It is infinitely recyclable and, when it is processed, it uses as little as 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminium products from scratch. UPVC is recyclable too but only up to a maximum of around 10 to 12 times.

Remember, Future Windows supplies and installs a vast range of windows and doors to suit any property. This includes:

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