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Future Windows Ltd proudly serves as the Sevenoaks area’s leading supplier and installer of windows and doors. Our product range takes in everything from aluminium windows, to uPVC conservatories and bifold doors, from composite doors to double glazing; but the huge amount of choice we make available can lead to a crisis of indecision. What material should your windows and doors be made of? What rating glazing should you opt for? Which style/colour will best suit your property?


First of all, don’t panic! The Future Windows team is renowned for its high standard of customer service, partly because we provide expert advice at every juncture to ensure that each and every customer finds the perfect product. On this page, we’ve addressed one of the earlier questions you might find yourself asking – which material I choose?


Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows


Cost – Sevenoaks customers looking for quality fixtures on a budget should definitely consider uPVC products. While aluminium windows are worth every penny, they cost a fair bit more to manufacture. This cost aspect is the main reason you don’t see aluminium conservatories – the sheer amount of fixtures would elevate the cost beyond a reasonable level.


Aesthetic – This is a difficult category to judge, because of how subjective aesthetics are. While many believe aluminium windows deliver a higher end look, uPVC products have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and will actually better suit certain Sevenoaks homes. It’s really down to you and your particular tastes.


Environmental Factors – When fitted with high-rated double glazing, both uPVC and aluminium windows are very energy efficient. However, aluminium windows take a slight edge in this category, as they usually boast better energy ratings, last longer and can also be recycled should you ever want to replace them. The same goes for aluminium bifold doors.


Durability – It’s worth considering two separate elements within this category – firstly, how tough uPVC and aluminium windows are, and how resistant they are to environmental factors as well as potential accidents. Then there’s how they perform when faced with intentional force in an attempted intrusion. While uPVC is certainly strong and durable, aluminium windows are the clear winner here as it’s the strongest material on the market for windows and doors. Security conscious Sevenoaks customers should definitely keep this in mind (and also when faced with the question of uPVC vs aluminium bifold doors, which should also feature a minimum of double glazing to ensure your property isn’t vulnerable).


Composite Front Doors vs uPVC Doors


Price – Just as aluminium windows are more expensive than their uPVC cousins, composite front doors are more expensive than uPVC ones. If you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum, uPVC is great choice for both front and back bifold doors.


Aesthetic – Most Sevenoaks clients we speak with prefer the aesthetic offered by composite front doors over their uPVC equivalent. However, just as in the above category this is largely subjective. uPVC front and bifold doors have come a long, long way and can make significant improvements to the curb appeal of a property, especially if they’re replacing a tired old fixture. Composite front doors are highly customisable, so if you want to push the boat out with the colour/style, this may take a slight edge in the aesthetic category.


Durability – Here composite front doors really run away with the gold medal. They’re extremely durable by design, and when paired with quality double glazing you’ll be doing a great job of safeguarding your home from any potential intruders paying a visit to Sevenoaks.


For more information about any of our products – including the stunning conservatories that we design and install for Sevenoaks homeowners – give the Future Windows Ltd team a call.

Reach us on 01293 774223. Whether it’s uPVC or aluminium windows, or perhaps even composite doors that you’re looking to upgrade your Sevenoaks home with, we can help!