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Many of our Tonbridge clients come to us looking to modernise a property that features antiquated fixtures, often timber in construction and long neglected. They might have recently invested in a property as a “fixer upper”, or finally have the time and money to update and invest. We have a huge range of modern products, which covers aluminium windows, composite doors, as well as conservatories and uPVC bifold doors that can help a client achieve these goals. When combined with energy efficient double glazing, they’re a fantastic long-term investment that can really improve a property.


In this article, we’ve looked to explore some of the main reasons why uPVC and aluminium are great replacements for timber, which is so rarely employed now in new build developments, and for good reason! If you’re more interested in discussing your individual requirements with a friendly member of the Future Windows Ltd team, then don’t hesitate to call 01293 774 223. It’s our job to help find you the perfect fixtures for your needs.


Reasons to Choose Modern Materials Over Timber Fixtures


Looks Fade - …we’re not talking about our own! Timber windows and doors can look charming initially, but as time goes by they can really suffer in the aesthetics department. Aluminium windows and composite doors, as well as the uPVC/aluminium bifold doors and conservatories we install around Tonbridge, don’t really suffer from this issue. With the right maintenance, they’ll look like the very first day you’ve got them, even years on. Speaking of maintenance…


Save Time & Money – A big drawback when it comes to timber is how high maintenance it is. If not properly re-varnished/finished every few years it can quickly degrade. Aluminium windows, composite front doors, uPVC bifold doors and conservatories are all ultra-low maintenance. Just clean their double glazing, and give their frames a wipe down with warm soapy water from time to time (no set schedule, we recommend Tonbridge property owners merely keep an eye on their appearance – it should be obvious)! This can save you valuable time and money.


Rejoice, Immunity! – Not the diplomatic sort, but immunity to extremely irritating issues like rotting and warping, which plague timber fixtures that aren’t subjected to the aforementioned meticulous maintenance.  All of the products that we’re vocal proponents of – such as the aluminium windows, composite front doors, and bifold doors / conservatories we’ve talked so much about on this page – are completely immune to these issues! They also won’t be infested by termites or experience some other stranger but equally frustrating issue that natural materials are prone to.


Energy Efficiency – Most old timber fixtures, especially those without double glazing, are really good at letting heat escape your property. In Tonbridge, which can get rather chilly at certain parts of the year, this isn’t ideal. Not only does it become much harder to heat your home, impacting your personal comfort, but it leads to your bills skyrocketing.


Modern materials are manufactured with energy efficiency at the forefront of company’s priorities; years ago, it wasn’t on many people’s minds! With things like conservatoires and bifold doors, which have huge areas of glass where heat can be lost, it’s especially important to invest in both quality modern frames and well-rated double glazing. The same traits that assist energy efficiency, also improve noise insulation (for those with loud neighbours and on busy roads).


Durability – Fixtures like aluminium windows and composite doors are extremely durable. This is a great benefit for two reasons: firstly, they last an amazingly long time and are thus very cost effective investments, secondly they reduce the likelihood that an intruder breaking into Tonbridge homes will be successful when they reach your property. It really is a win-win.


Add up all the above positives, and the fact modern materials look fantastic, and it becomes clear why aluminium windows, composite doors and uPVC bifold doors / conservatories are preferable over their timber cousins. They’ll boost the value of your home, save you money and offer you a range of other attractive benefits which you’ll come to love.

To improve your Tonbridge home with high quality bifold doors, aluminium windows or a similar modern fixture – call Future Windows Ltd on 01293 774 223!