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While double glazing used to be seen as an optional luxury, it’s now very much the standard expected within in modern homes. That’s why we offer such an expansive range of products – including bifold doors, composite front doors, aluminium windows and conservatories in all sorts of different styles / configurations – fitted with high quality double glazing. For the benefit of Tunbridge Wells clients who may still be hesitant, perhaps because of the extra expense they constitute, we’ve run through some of the most attractive benefits that double glazing affords a property.


If you’re more interested in learning about our range of aluminium windows, composite front doors, bifold doors or conservatories – then this article may not be particularly relevant! So pick up the phone and call the friendly team of professionals at Future Windows Ltd. You can reach us on 01293 774 223.


Why Choose Double Glazing?


Keep Warm – Did you know that up to 70% of a property’s heat is lost through single glazing? By utilising a layer of inert gas between two panels of glass, double glazing traps warmth within a property. It’s especially effective when paired with quality aluminium windows and composite doors (including bifold doors), as these modern materials and chambered designs also reduce heat loss. When you think of how chilly it can get when the colder months roll through Tunbridge Wells, this can be a very appealing benefit!


Obviously, the more panes of glass within fixtures, the more heat that can potentially be lost through them. So that’s why double glazing is especially important when installed within conservatories, which have huge potential to let out heat and become so cold they’re simply unusable – or, become incredibly expensive to heat. Which brings us on to our next benefit...


Save on Energy Bills – Energy doesn’t come cheap, and most Tunbridge Wells homeowners have learned to turn off unused appliances and only use the heating when it’s essential. So why opt for single glazing when having aluminium windows, composite doors, bifold doors or conservatories installed? By making your property so much easier to warm, you’ll save a significant sum on your annual heating bills by opting for double glazing.


This is why we often point out that the idea single glazing is cheaper is somewhat of a false economy. Sure, you pay less immediately. But the money you’ll save on energy bills, and indeed the value you can add to a property (a point we’ll get on to later) mean that double glazing is a very cost-effective investment regardless of the type of property you own in Tunbridge Wells. In fact, statistics show that the average detached home with A-rated double glazing saves £160 per year over their single glazed cousins .


It’s Oh So Quiet – Another area in which double glazing aluminium windows, composite doors, bifold doors and conservatories excel is noise insulation. Typically, homeowners focus on reducing sound coming in. Passers-by with loud children, loud cars or loud friends who love nothing more than a noisy ramble home from the pub at silly-o-clock on the weekend – all of their impact will be reduced by double glazing.


But then for some Tunbridge Wells clients are more worried about sound leaving the property! Those with musical hobbies, or who love to entertain or enjoy a home cinema system at a decent volume can all worry less about receiving a noise complaint when they choose double glazing in fixtures like our aluminium windows, conservatories, composite doors and attractive bifold doors. So whether you’re looking to secure yourself a sound night of sleep, or not to antagonise the sensitive hearing of your neighbours – it’s a great choice.


Safe & Secure – Burglars operating around Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas will exploit any weakness that they can spot when casing a property. In many cases this will be old and antiquated windows / doors with single glazing and vulnerable frames. That’s why many of our clients go with double glazing, which is much harder to break, and tough modern fixtures like aluminium windows and composite doors which are renowned for their strength and durability.


Boost Property Value – When you think of how attractive all the aforementioned traits are for potential house hunters, it’s easy to see how double glazing significantly boosts the value of Tunbridge Wells properties. So not only do you save on heating bills and enjoy a cosier, quieter and safer property – but you recoup your investment should you ever come to sell-up.


This increase to investment is even more pronounced when you replace antiquated fixtures with our fantastic products – aluminium windows and composite doors are a big draw due to their quality of manufacture and how modern they are, and conservatories due to the huge amount of extra space you can add to a home.

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